Digisine Energytech Co., Ltd., is one of the leaders in supplying innovative products globally. Located in the heart of Taiwan, we are connected to innovative ideas on a global scale and this enables us to improve working together with our local and international clients to bring an infinite number of business opportunities. Digisine is not only limited to innovative thinking, but also expanded into designing, managing as well as producing all of our own products.
Even with competition growing on a global scale, Digisine is able to stay ahead of our competitors as well as the rest of the world. In 2001 Digisine presented the first LCD monitor with wireless keyboard and mouse, on top of that we were awarded several Taiwan Invention and Creation Competition over the years since 2007 for our innovations in rechargeable hearing aids, automobile LED lights and training dog collars to name a few. Digisine now extends its innovation to 5 different categories: Green Energy (Wind & Sola...